Throughout its existence, DreamCatcher Equines has developed an equine staff of safe and dependable horses through a variety of rescue and procurement situations.   It has been our practice to acquire animals that are “diamonds-in-the-rough”….animals who have been misunderstood or ill-placed in positions in which they are not well suited.  We choose each animal based on their physical talents, raw as they may be, and their ability to handle complex and stressful situations with confidence and trust in their handlers.   Our horses are trained (or re-trained) for several months before they begin work to with our Skills, Sports or equi Lease clients.  It is our personal and professional belief that, while never perfect, they are true gems and have hearts that well outweigh their talents.  Our horses are constantly evolving and maturing in each focused area along with their human counterparts.  It is a “marriage” of spirits between each horse/human team that allows the journey of those involved to advance in positive directions. Each equi Staff member is offered for on site partial lease. Contact Kathleen for more information.

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Admiral Humphrey
Jack Kelso

Well Not So Much

Chain Lightning
One Tough Cowgirl


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