Training (Rider)
In many ways, the education of our program participants is just as comprehensive as the training of the horses.  As a result, DreamCatchers has developed an extensive and fully integrated plan for each horse/human team. In addition to the regular lesson sessions, the curriculum includes the following:

Assessment – The introduction to the program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will become the cornerstone of that participant’s long-term strategic program and will help determine their specific syllabus.

Safety – Above all, the safety of our team members is the top priority. Before individuals start their program, they will be tutored in all facets of accident prevention. This instruction will include practical safety training in the barn area as well as when working with each horse.

Horse Care – Riders will be instructed in the basics of horse care including the fundamentals of anatomy, evolution, shoeing, nutrition and general equine health.

Teaching – One of the greatest tools for learning is the ability to analyze and teach other aspiring riders. Over the years, we have developed a Sports team that has been invaluable in assisting with the teaching of other, less experienced individuals within the programs.

Website – Students will be able to stay informed of every detail of their favorite horse's care and training progress through that horse's DCE Facebook pages. Included on these pages will be the various activities the horse participates in, current training and medical information, recent shoeing and veterinaryreports. This will enable the riders to be as involved with their equine friends as possible. We encourage our DreamCatchers to post as often as they like to any of the EquiStaff's Facebook pages. Check out DCE Atlantis' page for example.

Balance – While students will be expected to focus a great deal of their energies on their equestrian pursuits, they will be encouraged to maintain an appropriate balance in their lives. Family and education will always have a higher priority than the recreational activities at the barn. Upon request, members of the staff will be available to serve in a liaison capacity with the student’s school in order to ensure that there are no sacrifices in the academic arena.


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